Caught red handed – Yet another mosque distributing Anti-Western material

Having exposed Didsbury Mosque for distributing anti-western material, another mosque publicising it’s open days has inadvertently demonstrated that they are distributing the very same anti-western propaganda. Thornaby mosque in Stockton-on-tees caught red handed.

In a recent article published by ilmfeed the very same material that was exposed on BBC Question Time can be clearly seen. In anticipation of ilmfeed editing their web page based upon our exposure we have also screen grabbed the page below.

Isn’t it about time that both IDCI UK the producers of the material and all mosques distributing the very same are investigated by the authorities?

Stop UK charity distributing extremist material through mosques

On 26th May 2017 during BBC Question Time an audience member referred to an open day at Manchester’s Didsbury Mosque during which an anti-western leaflet was being distributed. The leaflet is produced by the Islamic Dawah Centre International in Birmingham.

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