Extremism – The Mainstream Media with fake news are part of the problem

Today saw a march by UKAgainstHate in Manchester. We attended this march and witnessed men, women and children of many faiths and creeds including people from the Sikh & muslim community.

The march had no connection whatsoever with the Far Right group The EDL yet lazy journalism by the likes of the BBC reported the march as one organised by the EDL. The media also reported smoke bombs being launched by the march attendees rather than the facts that these were launched by Antifa members who Greater Manchester Police had allowed to congregate very close by.

By making such false claims the BBC is effectively complicit in diluting the message of a large group of peaceful protestors whom have no connection with the EDL and in doing so is distracting the general public from the core messages of the speakers at the march, that being to highlight the hatred of the islamist ideology. The BBC have since removed several of the tweets shown below. 

We think it’s about time that the BBC were held to account and would encourage people to complain directly to the BBC and also to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO).

BBC complaints web page: click here
Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) Twitter feed: click here
Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) complaints web page: click here