Terrorist Attacks. Can we please stop asking why?

A terrorist attack on European soil is now becoming almost a daily event, be it a a knife attack, the use of a vehicle as a weapon, an acid attack, being attacked with bombs or other weapons. Yet, each time the political elite are quick to join the Mainstream Media and stare into the camera with a sense of bemusement. The sense of confusion is bewildering since the majority of the population of the UK (if not Europe) are beginning to wake up.

It does not take a high level of academic achievement, nor studying every news event, nor a deep understanding of any religion to see the common denominator in almost every case. The statistics show that majority of terrorism is committed by the perpetrators and that they claim this to be in the name of Islam. The fact that very many of these terrorists shout and scream “allahu akbar” as the commit the numerous atrocities should be another clue, but unfortunately the perverse response from those afraid to discuss what some have exposed as a deeply disturbing 5th column in our society means that the problem is not dealt with and this effectively renders them in part complicit.

We continually hear from the majority of our politicians and the mainstream media that “It’s a perversion of a great faith” or “Do you not understand? Islam is a religion of peace”. Whilst it is blindingly obvious to anyone that there are many peaceful Muslims in the world and that there are equally some fanatical people of other faiths, this just serves again to avoid confronting this issue, adds to the confusion for some people, and more worryingly results in the lack of a platform for the issue to be seriously debated.

The evidential links between the views of many muslims in which 23% support the introduction of Sharia Law in the UK (see Trevor Philips Channel 4 Survey), hate preachers in the main left free to promote anti-western values on our streets and in our mosques, the production of anti-western material in the UK (see our article exposing this), violent verses in the Quran directed towards non believers of Islam (read many passages here) should all serve to provide a possible answer to that initial question ‘Why?”.

Sadly we were not shocked to here a devout Muslim declare live on a mainstream UK radio station aspiring to a Sharia state in the UK, condoning the persecution of homosexuals and stoning for adultery:

Source: LBC
Date of Broadcast: 16/9/17