Why should we be silenced by fear of mis-association?

After our update yesterday regarding the propaganda of the BBC following yesterday’s march by UKAgainstHate in Manchester we have had time to reflect on one the issues that this clearly creates.

For a short while yesterday we walked silently, occasionally chatting with a few like minded people on the march. However, one conversation with a very pleasant gentlemen left us feeling rather unsettled. The gentlemen, a school teacher, had travelled alone over some distance from Hull as he felt compelled to be involved in some way. He explained how he could no longer ‘do nothing’ but feared the reprisals of his profession should his presence be exposed.

The big question has to be, how have we arrived here? How can a well educated, polite and respectable man feel so fearful of simply walking amongst a crowd of like minded people as a mark of respect and solidarity  in standing up to Islamist Extremists who live freely amongst us? Later that day we went on to meet a very pleasant couple from the nearby Levenshulme area who explained that they also felt compelled to be at the march but too felt uncomfortable since they did not want to be ‘branded’ racist or with some similar lazy tag.

For far too long we have allowed the authorities and social elite to sneer at typical working class people who dare speak out about genuine issues that concern them greatly or even threaten their very way of life. Furthermore, groups like Antifa compound this problem with their only aim to silence free speech.

Things have to change and only more events like yesterday’s silent march will help. We must encourage more people from all backgrounds to take part without the fear of being ostracised or worse.  We must fight back against lazy journalism, facist groups and all those who try to silence us. We look forward to meeting many more people at future events. 

We were pleased to see a local Manchester citizen articulately defending his right to free speech and peaceful protest after the march in Manchester: