The Murky World of Islamic Charities & Dawah

In 2017 we exposed Didsbury Mosque for distributing anti-western material, shortly after the Manchester Arena Attack. The material being produced by a Birmingham (UK) based Islamic Charity, the Islamic Dawah Centre International UK (IDCI UK)

Only a few days ago, the story of this charity took another twist. A non-muslim young lady contacted us after recently taking a taxi cab journey in which the driver chose to extol the virtues of Dawah and handed out leaflets to her from the IDCI. The driver made several statements to his passenger, including:

"Women were treated worse in the 1920’s in Britain that any Islamic country."

"Jesus was not a Jew he was a Muslim."

"There are no true Muslims that are involved in grooming gangs. They should be stoned to death."

Unfortunately for the driver, his passenger took an interest in this charity and after contacting us decided to do some investigation of her own. The passenger's findings are disturbing and raise a number of further questions of the activities of the IDCI.

The investigation by the taxi cab passenger raises questions of extremist links with the IDCI, inconsistent donation addresses, an address associated with money transfer to countries (including possible charitable donations) including Afghanistan and more.  See the full analysis below.


Click here to download the investigative report in pdf format

Stop UK charity distributing extremist material through mosques

On 26th May 2017 during BBC Question Time an audience member referred to an open day at Manchester’s Didsbury Mosque during which an anti-western leaflet was being distributed. The leaflet is produced by the Islamic Dawah Centre International in Birmingham.

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